Fairs and Festivals in India

All over the world India is known for its sprightly celebration of all its fair and festivals, no other country has that much of celebration every month. India is famous for its tradition and culture and most amazing thing is that its every state has different culture with different festivals and fairs. Sometime there is just different name of same festival of some states. Fairs and Festivals in India is celebrated in most amazing and colorful ways and efforts of people participating in make it more special and loud.

The people working in different state with a company even company allows them to celebrate and at few places offices celebrate each festival in there. So after such kind of loud celebration it has become a part of tourism, where people from other countries come specially to catch out the moments of Fairs and festivals in India. And just to attend such big events book a Festival tour package in India.

All the festivals celebrated in India have a meaningful identity and a religious reason behind it as well as a noble cause also. Every fair and festival is based on its own different history related to legends, monsoon, tradition and devotion to different religion. When it comes to main national festivals celebrated here are Holi, Diwali, Eid, New Year, Christmas, Kumbh Mela , Republic Day, Independence day, Makar Sankranti, Navratri and many more but there are the major ones.
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Now we have mentioned a list of Festivals and fairs in India that are celebrated at large scale but in different states.

Pushkar Mela – This fair is held in Pushkar near the divine lake and dedicated to the creator of earth, Lord Brahma, this is the only Brahma Temple in the world. This fair is the biggest camel market and held in month of October or November (i.e. Kartik).

Onam – This is kerela’s main festival celebrated in honor of Asura King Mahabali and also represents as Harvest festival. So, if you wish to visit south India them book the Festival tour package in India so that you can enjoy and witness the festival and the tourist attraction places as well.

Janmashtmi – Birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated as festival on Ashtmi of Krishna Paksh in Bhadav month. This festival is celebrated at mid-night with enthusiasm mainly by the people of North India.

Basant Panchami – Its is celebrated to welcome Spring Season where people wears the dresses with Shades of Yellow, Dances and sings.

Shivratri – On this day Lord Shiv danced – The Tandav and people from almost all the states except East India celebrate it on large scale by decorating temples, fasting and prayers.

Holi – This is one of the most ebullient national festival celebrated with colors and sweets as on this day one more victory was achieved over evil. This festival is the most popular among all the Fairs and festivals in India where people from all over the world come India to be the part of this epic festival.

Goru Bihu – This festival is celebrate don Hindu’s New year that is in April. On this day cattles are washed and decorated in different style and attires and they have been served with Gud i.e. Jaggery and Brinjals.

Dussehra – This festival is also celebrated all over the nation as this day is symbolized as the victory of Lord Rama over the most popular Lord Shiva’s Devotee The Ravan.

Deepawali – One more nationally celebrated festival of India and amongst the most famous festivals for which foreigners book the Festival tour package in India. The festival of lights celebrated when Lord Ram back to his home after 14 years.

Guru Purab – The birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev ji – The founder of Sikh Faith is celebrated as Guru Purab in North India, specially in Punjab. On this day the Guru Granth Sahib (The Holy Book of Sikhs) is read for 2 Days and Nights.

Rakshabandhan – This festival of Love, affection, care and brotherhood is celebrated on Full Moon Day of Savan Month. The bond of brother and sister is celebrated nationally that makes their bond more stronger.

Few of the Fairs and festivals in India are explained above and some of them are mentioned below.
Cheti Chand
Dhungri Forest Festival
Rath Yatra
Good Friday
Monsoon Fairs
Animal Worship fairs
Goa Carnival
Surajkund Mela
Ganesh Chaturthi
Ganga Sagar Mela

All these festivals and fairs represent the liveliness tradition and life style of the people. There are religious fair, historical fairs, lifelong marriage festivals, worship fair, animal fairs and many many more in the list of Indian origin.

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