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Rameshwaram Temple is lord Shiva and It is famous because it is one of the twelve Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva. As we all know there are 12 Jyotirling (Lingas of Light) of Lord Shiva spreaded in India and one of the most popular is Rameshwaram. It is said in Hindu’s that if you haven’t visited these two places Varanasi and Rameshwaram you haven’t completed your life’s journey.

Rameshwaram tour package includes the most promising holy places of Southern most India for which Tamil Nadu and Kerela is known for. The devotees from all over India and from outside India come here and feel the peace and enjoy the religious part of South India. Way of praying and procedure of doing pooja is different in every state of India and also the prasadam given by the people of temple is made differently and unique dishes.

Here are the few tourist attractions name that can be explored when you book Rameswaram Tour Package :
  • Dhanushkodi Beach Point
  • Arulmigu Ramanathswamy Temple
  • Former President APJ Abdul Kalam House
  • Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge
  • Five Faced Hanuman Temple
  • Gandhmandhana Parvatham
  • Water Bird Sanctuary
  • Pamban Bridge
  • Ariyaman Beach
  • Rama Setu
  • Ruined Temple
  • Agnitheertham
  • Lakshmana Theertham

While taking Rameshwaram tour with Private driver you need not to worry about the opening and closing time and days as they guide you before you book package. They help you to select the best timing one package so you can explore as many possible tourist attractions over there. Its original name is Ramanathswam Temple situated on an Island named Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu, where more religious places are located and are world famous like Temples of Madurai. In this temple Lord Rama worshiped Lord Shiva while he came from Lanka after a fight with Ravana and take Sita back. Story behind all the religious tourist attractions are based on true stories of God and Goddess and symbolise the win of truth over evil. Many times we have seen that the people who went on Rameshwaram Tour package came with a different belief in god as the stories behind them inspired them and changed their mind towards life completely.

Here lord Rama – The seventh avtar of Lord Vishnu, worshiped lord Shiva for his sins of killing people in the war against Ravan and to forgive him for Brahmahatya as Ravana was a brahmin and the biggest devotee of God Shiva. The most attractive thing is all the ancient temples of southernmost India have four sides and corners all above and are engraved with beautiful wall cutted sculptures and every sculpture tells and depicts a story happened over there. There are 74 Tiraths i.e. Holy water bodies in the Island of Tamil Nadu, as you opt Rameshwaram tour with Private driver with experience, he can help you to explore which tirth that saves time and money both and what should be visited when. While putting money on the trip one should definitely hire a private service as provided by Private India Tour Advisor so the money can be spent well and in an very effective manner.

There are different packages where the visit to Rameshwaram temple is included such as :
  • Madurai- Rameshwaram Tour
  • Madurai-Rameswaram-Kanyakumari Packages
  • Rameswaram Kanyakumari Tour
  • Holy Tour package of Tamil Nadu
  • Madurai Rameshwaram Munnar tour
  • South Devotional Tour package
  • Rameshwaram one day tour
  • Jyotirlinga Tour package
  • Private Tour of South India Temples
  • Rameshwaram family tour package
  • Rameswaram Beach package
  • Rameshwaram Pilgrimage tour

And many more are there and many more can be customized according to the requirement to tourists.

All the tourist attractions of Rameswaram Island atleast takes 5 days to explore and when you hire the Rameshwaram tour with private driver and car service than they will guide you the best and in less days you can explore more attractions. Because south India has lots of temples and pilgrims it is also known as House of Gods and Temple Town and it is linked to the great Ramayana written by Rishi Valmiki ages ago.
The Adam’s Bridge which is Rama Setu according to Hindu holy Story Ramayana is a bridge made of limestone that connects directly to Sri lanka that is considered to be the Home of Ravana. There are two Lingas in the temple but one is original of lord Shiva and another one is made by Lord Rama with sand to worship and begged for his sins from lord Shiva. The whole south India has the prints and evidence of existence of Lord Rama that stronger the presence of Hindu’s god.

Book your private car and driver with us along with Rameswaram tour package for mind blowing experience and comfortable- pocket friendly exciting and memorable trip in India. As Rameshwaram is pilgrim destination it is linked with Mythological, historical and traditional facts together which creates more curiosity in tourists and they attracted towards this place.


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  • All the tour packages are customizable as per your requirement and Convenience.
  • Tourist places and monuments could be closed. Such as Sightseeing places of Delhi are mostly closed on Monday.
  • Taj Mahal is closed on every Friday.
  • Sometimes the places will changed or customized due to weather or other national decision.